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InstaSupply’s quest is to transform the B2B sector through cloud technology. Nothing new there you might say! Our mission however is to end the global love affair B2B has with paper once and for all. Archiving boxes, overflowing folders of invoices, stacks of paper purchase orders — they need to go!

Technology and paper in business should not coexist. It’s like having your cake and eating it. It’s not sustainable. What we have created is a simple, user friendly platform designed specifically to have a stronger appeal than paper.

More often than not, people revert back to paper because the technology they are exposed to is clunky, overly complicated and unintuitive. Software products imposed by management yet not easily adopted by each and every member of the team tend to encourage regression to paper/old ways.

In creating InstaSupply we have spoken to buyers and suppliers alike. We tried to understand where the value lies for each side. For buyers, eliminating paper is key in optimising operations and having instant visibility on expenditure. For suppliers, issuing e-invoices and being able to instantly check whether payments are due will take away cost, time and resources better focused on growing the business. We do not impose lengthy contracts nor hefty setup fees as we believe in serving our customers, not ourselves.

One of our main aims for the portal is to help small and medium suppliers as the pattern in existing purchasing platforms so far has been to squeeze them, charge them, pay them late and penalise them at every turn. A healthy economy needs prompt payments and clarity on finances. A healthy and green economy needs easy to use tech tools that will actually improve trade relationships and operational efficiency. This is what InstaSupply does — simplifies buyer-supplier relationships through easily accessible paperless tech.

The environmental impact of widespread use of the IS portal is huge. Starting in hospitality, we aim to expand to all industries as the one solution to optimise operations and reduce the carbon footprint for businesses big and small.

In our green and clean efforts, we are also promoting a localised collaborative approach to business through the network effect of our platform. Our regional supplier sourcing map enables businesses to buy local and reduce emissions caused by cross country deliveries. Vetted suppliers have access to new local businesses (e.g. a new restaurant opening in the area) and a collaborative circle is enabled. Local economy supports and boosts itself whilst reducing emissions and removing paper. It is a win-win all around.

There are many businesses out there set in their ways but the time to act is now. Convincing businesses to change can be a tough challenge as many skeptics still tend to look at evolution through tech as a flash in the pan, as a novelty that won’t last.

Change is progress and we are now at a critical point environmentally speaking. We need action across the board and global business is the biggest contributor to waste and emissions. If we can reduce/eradicate paper invoices and limit the carbon footprint of B2B through e-invoicing and local trade, we need as much support to our cause as we can get. We need the Force.

Go green or go home!

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