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Today we launch the latest generation of our dashboard for logged in users. The dashboard has been reworked to solve two key problems we have identified from customers:

More guidance for new users

Our application was originally designed to be implemented in your business accompanied by a solid training and onboarding schedule with our Implementation teams. However, as we've grown, many of you are trialing InstaSupply with minimal contact from us. With that in mind, the new dashboard works hard to explain each stage of initial configuration and set-up in order to ensure you and your users can be up and running with us sooner.

A summary of things that need your attention

The business buying and selling process can be complicated. In order for your business to be successful within our application, you need your users to understand what is required of them at any given moment. Until now, our dashboard hasn't made this particularly clear because it has been more focused on the overall business value of the process. We've flipped that focus back to your individual user with this latest version. We believe the best way to show positive business impact is to provide your users with the tools they need to fulfil their role in the process. Now users can see a summary of items that are relevant to them, including counts of POs and invoices that may be awaiting their approval. Over the coming weeks, we will be continually adding to the metrics shown on the dashboard, and adjusting how they lead your users to the tasks they need to complete.

A program of change

This is the first step in a number of changes that will see a complete reorganisation of our application to better reflect the value we provide to users. I will be talking about these changes in future blog posts, but they are far reaching within the application, and completely restructure your data to better track and highlight issues in your buying processes. With that in mind, this first pass at our new dashboard only includes fairly basic analytics. It is our intention to collate feedback from your users on the metrics they wish to see, and to add our own further metrics as we rearrange the sections of InstaSupply application.

As always, don't hesitate to let us know what you think and to feedback ideas and suggestions.

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