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Do I Need Spend Control Software in My Small Business?

It’s that time again: Month end.

It’s pretty much the day all finance professionals and small business teams dread because, let's face it, it's pure chaos. Month end will typically mean late nights, eating at your desk, no time for anything. . .

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Guess What? The Best Interface is No Interface

Our InstaSupply Insights are all about our exploration into what's possible, what's going to help us keep evolving and how technology is empowering people to work smarter, achieve better results and create more value. In this video our. . .
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Smart Automation and AI Technology Today

Following on from our Top Procurement Infleuncers on Twitter 2017, we are launching an InstaSupply Insights series showcasing some of the content these great authors produce. Each week, we will be bringing you a different opinion piece from the. . .

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Protecting Your Business from Invoice Fraud

Our CEO, Lee Pruitt, spoke to Spend Matters about the importance of a real time system of record in identifying invoice fraud red flags, taking the right action and making sure your company money is safe from faudulent activity. Here is the. . .

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What is Business Intelligence and How You Get It

The definition of Business Intelligence (BI) is the empowerment of companies to improve their decision making process by accessing and leveraging their data. The latest technologies are all about accessible data control in real time. This allows. . .

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