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Spotlight: Supplier Management and Why Your Business Needs it

For every one buyer using our platform, we on-board anywhere between 200 to 500+ suppliers. And one of the main patterns that's emerged from our hands-on supplier on-boarding is that most businesses struggle to manage their supplier relationships. . .

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A Silicon Valley Dream Collapses in Allegations of Fraud

Fraud is one of the hottest and most troubling topics for business at the moment. With cyber crime on the rise, educating on financial fraud is at the forefront of our efforts in helping growing companies on their path to success. Since not. . .

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10 Spend Control Tips to Transform the Way You Grow Your Small Business

Your new business is finally up and running, and things have been pretty smooth sailing so far. As you start spending more and more money on anything and everything... 
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The 5 Most Common Reasons Small Businesses Overspend

Every small business owner will at some point or another have to deal with overspend in their efforts to grow their business. We work with many customers and the same main reasons keep popping up. Here are the most common five we’ve come across. . .

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Must Haves for a Good Spend Control Platform

 When invoices start pouring in for payment and they need to be matched to purchases throughout the business, even the calmest and most collected of us can become flustered.

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