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Revealed: The ASAP Strategy for Agile Business

I think we can all agree that purchasing has come a long way from its days as the obscure department nobody was quite certain of. From internal business requirements to external legislation – agility is now one of the top requirements of a. . .

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Why Procurement Is Exciting: How You Can Improve Your Procurement Through Technology

Procurement is exciting.

Don’t believe me?

That’s fair. People often think of procurement as complex and tedious.

Making sure that a company has paper, (including toilet paper in the restroom) and all the supplies it needs to make its products

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B2B – Step Up or Shut Up

A lot has been written recently (I might be responsible for 20% of that…) about the discrepancy between B2C and B2B when it comes to how brands communicate. Here’s the thing, B2B brands have been treating their clients like crap

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Top 5 procurement trends in the next 10 years

I was just on LinkedIn where my good friend Nicolas Walden, Director, Procurement P2P Advisor at Hackett Group, had posted this very interesting image. It shows which trends will have the greatest transformational impact on the way. . .

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Revealed: Why incomplete technology is a crutch not a cure

Business today is all about finding ways to leverage the technology available in order to work smarter and keep ahead of the competition.

When looking at technology from a finance perspective, Optical Character Recognition (OCR) is definitely. . .

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