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Top 5 Procurement Resolutions for 2017 from Our Twitter Chat

Our final #InstasChat of the year happened on December 1st and we had the wonderful Kelly Barner, editor of Buyers Meeting Point, as our guest. The topic? Smart resolutions for procurement in 2017.

Kelly is a key part of our

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How to Avoid These 5 Common Supply Chain Disasters

Even with an amazing procurement team, bad things can still happen.

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4 Smart Procurement Strategies to Help You Crush Your Competition

Procurement touches every area of your organization.

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Still Paper Pushing Invoices? Switch to an Electronic System Instead

Invoice fraud is a serious and growing problem. Should you be worried about invoice fraud? 

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InstaSupply keeps all your invoicing ducks in a row

*Posted Sep 7, 2016 by John Biggs (@johnbiggs) in TechCrunch

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