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Top 5 Procurement Resolutions for 2017 from Our Twitter Chat

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Our final #InstasChat of the year happened on December 1st and we had the wonderful Kelly Barner, editor of Buyers Meeting Point, as our guest. The topic? Smart resolutions for procurement in 2017.

Smart resolutions

Kelly is a key part of our Twitter procurement posse and Buyers Meeting Point is a fantastic resource for procurement and purchasing professionals. Her progressive perspective on supply management is based on her time as a practitioner, a consultant at a solution provider, and now as an award winning independent and innovative thought leader. Her nose for key trends and her dedication to enabling her colleagues, and anyone dealing within the procurement space, to become their very best are what made her a natural guest for our “resolutions for 2017” #instaschat!

As always, we focused on how things are and how they could be if we all get a little bit more comfortable with innovation and a little less scared of change.

A key theme throughout the chat seemed to be a call for courage. Courage to look at and learn from disciplines outside procurement. The courage to have better relationships with other departments, to really push for value vs laser focus on cost. To stop making excuses and really be the change you want to see in the world.

Shaking things up has never been easy but by making 2017 a year of being proactive, we can get ahead of things instead of being stuck in a permanent “react” mode. As Kelly put it, it’s time to “stop being expected and predictable” and consider new ideas, be creative about solutions to problems old and new.

Here are some of the truths spoken by Kelly and our amazing #instaschat posse to prepare you for the year YOU are going to make a difference.

In case you missed it again (stop doing that), we are making it a regular event on Twitter so keep your eyes peeled on our handle @instasupply

1. No more excuses!

“Procurement needs to take destiny into it’s own hands” was the call from Bertrand Maltaverne for 2017 and taking action was definitely the key area everyone seemed to agree on. Looking at new ways and new technologies in order to solve problems follows on from that. Complaining will not help anyone and it certainly won’t get procurement a seat at the C-suite table!

There is so much to be gained from a creative procurement department that will not only elevate the professionals working in the field but the entire business and playing field. Approaching processes from a creative point of view will allow for greater efficiency and added value.

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2. Think Big!

When to think like procurement and when to take a broader view? Again, it comes down to collaboration and those relationships with the greater business and its end customers. The scope must be broadened to include everyone.

3. Make procurement brave

We have been focused on the human side of procurement and business from the very beginning. To us, it’s not B2B, it’s H2H (concept coined by Bryan Kramer) and it is this human element that gives us the power to learn and evolve creatively but also cripple us with fear.

“Humans are hard wired to be suspicious of the unknown. Innovation requires us to pursue the unknown!” And it is this fear that surfaces time and time again when it comes to evaluating current processes, potentially breaking them if they are no longer useful and looking at new, innovative solutions for the future.

One thing we can all agree on is that the word association between procurement and the word “brave” is non existent. But practice makes perfect and as Kelly pointed out, bravery will come with practice and procurement needs to seek out the unknown and try it out.

4. Just start!

Things to stop doing and things to start doing next year…again, it all comes down to action. Stop talking/carrying on as you were/complaining and actually start doing. Looking at resources outside of white papers and standard channels to connecting with your own colleagues. Creating partnerships with new suppliers that are based on transparency and trust rather than lengthy binding contracts based on cost!

5.To do list 2017

We asked our great #instaschat crew about their best resolutions for 2017. “Be brave” was the one that resounded the loudest. Making innovation and creativity standard vocabulary instead of fear inducing terms. Just do it – stop thinking about it, stop fearing it, get stuck in. More often than not, it’s a lot easier and more straight forward than you think.

Jon Hansen was so inspired afterwards, he even wrote this the next day

We had a few inspiring #instaschats in 2016 but next year, we will do it bigger and better. We want to grow the movement and encourage people to get involved, share their thoughts, their ideas, their fears and hopes. We aim to make creative innovation the engine driving business into the future. Let us know topics you’d like us to talk about and join us on #InstasChat. Have a great holiday season and we’ll bravely see you in 2017! 🎄 🌟 ⛄

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