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The three most disruptive technologies in the next three years

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KPMG Technology
KPMG Technology Innovation Survey 2015

The fourth annual KPMG run Global Technology Innovation Survey released its findings last month. Surveying over 800 tech business leaders across the world, the survey’s goal is all about recognising disruptive technologies and identifying tech innovation opportunities.

The top three most disruptive technologies predicted to drive business transformation over the next three years are:

— Cloud computing (SaaS)

— IoT(The Internet of Things)

— Data & analytics

Here is a more indepth look at the survey via Forbes magazine

Cloud tech is clearly the top mover and shaker and the quicker the business sector recognises this, the better. Old processes will become obsolete and those hanging on to them will find themselves on narrower and narrower land.

No man is an island.


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