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Still Paper Pushing Invoices? Switch to an Electronic System Instead

Time is our most valuable resource in the world. Money can be earned again. Health can be regained, even after decades of treating the body poorly. Energy is replenished with sleep, food and exercise. But time? Time can never be replenished.. . .

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IT As a Revenue Generator: What You Need to Know

IT Is No Longer Just a Cost to Be Cut

Many crucial changes in life require a mindset shift. IT as a revenue generator is one of them. In the past, IT was seen as an expense. Something to be cut and

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How to Prevent Invoice Fraud Prevention: A Practical Guide

Invoice fraud is a serious and growing problem. The primary target? Small to medium-sized businesses that don’t have robust fraud prevention systems in place that larger businesses might have.

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Revealed: The ASAP Strategy for Agile Business

I think we can all agree that purchasing has come a long way from its days as the obscure department nobody was quite certain of. From internal business requirements to external legislation – agility is now one of the top requirements of a. . .

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Why Procurement Is Exciting: How You Can Improve Your Procurement Through Technology

Procurement is exciting.

Don’t believe me?

That’s fair. People often think of procurement as complex and tedious.

Making sure that a company has paper, (including toilet paper in the restroom) and all the supplies it needs to make its products

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