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Revealed: Companies Who Continue to Use Legacy Software are Losing the Race

How Legacy Systems Can Hold Your Company Back

Legacy software and hardware are still widely used by numerous companies. What is “legacy software/hardware”? Well, exact definitions vary, but basically, legacy is a synonym for OLD. And several. . .

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5 Smart Procurement Strategies to Help You Crush Your Competition

Procurement touches every area of your organization.

The knowledge, expertise and information that exists within this department is enough to give you a significant competitive advantage your competitors can only dream about overcoming.

However,. . .

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Top 5 Insights On Procurement As Bandaid vs Strategic Move #InstasChat

On Thursday, October 20th, our second #InstasChat went live with Bertrand Maltaverne as our guest. Bertrand is a prominent figure in the discussion on the future of procurement and regularly delivers insightful and powerful content on disruption,. . .

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Still Paper Pushing Invoices? Switch to an Electronic System Instead

Time is our most valuable resource in the world. Money can be earned again. Health can be regained, even after decades of treating the body poorly. Energy is replenished with sleep, food and exercise. But time? Time can never be replenished.. . .

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IT As a Revenue Generator: What You Need to Know

IT Is No Longer Just a Cost to Be Cut

Many crucial changes in life require a mindset shift. IT as a revenue generator is one of them. In the past, IT was seen as an expense. Something to be cut and

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