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1 Simple Step to Stop Wasting Money in Business

There is one simple step to stop wasting money in business – setting budgets. Setting budgets is the simple way to control spend. They should be reviewed monthly and you can set them straight in your accounting software or use a spend control. . .

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What is Business Intelligence and How You Get It

The definition of Business Intelligence (BI) is the empowerment of companies to improve their decision making process by accessing and leveraging their data. The latest technologies are all about accessible data control in real time. This allows. . .

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The Truth About Spend Control: You Are Probably Losing Money Right Now

Let’s not beat about the bush. Cost control and spend management are probably the most difficult things to achieve in a business, no matter what stage of growth you're currently at.

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What Procurement is All About

So, you’ve setup a business, raised money and you’re ready to take over the world? Everything purchased from your business makes up “procurement”.

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Gartner Says This is Future of Procurement

Gartner released their predictions for 2017 on Procurement Technology at the end of 2016 and this is what the future of procurement is – the procurement technology market is evolving rapidly. The future is here.

The impact of digitising. . .

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