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How to Prevent Invoice Fraud: A Practical Guide

Invoice fraud is a serious and growing problem. Should you be worried about invoice fraud? Well, small to medium-sized businesses that don’t have robust fraud prevention systems in place are the primary target. The risks to their accounting. . .

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Revealed: The ASAP Strategy for Agile Business

I think we can all agree that purchasing has come a long way from its days as the obscure department nobody was quite certain of. From internal business requirements to external legislation – agility is now one of the top requirements of a. . .

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Why Procurement Is Exciting: How You Can Improve Your Procurement Through Technology

Procurement is exciting.

Don’t believe me?

That’s fair. People often think of procurement as complex and tedious.

Making sure that a company has paper, (including toilet paper in the restroom) and all the supplies it needs to make its products

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Top 5 Insights On The Future of Procurement From Our #InstasChat

On Thursday, September 15th, #InstasChat made its debut featuring one of the top procurement influencers out there, @aopshow. We focused on the future and discussed technology and changes, trends and challenges in procurement. Here are some of. . .

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InstaSupply keeps all your invoicing ducks in a row

*Posted Sep 7, 2016 by John Biggs (@johnbiggs) in TechCrunch

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