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Lee Pruitt

Death of a SaaS Salesman

June 13, 2017 posted in B2B, by Lee Pruitt

Why selling outcomes – not products – is the only way forward.

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Simona Pop

Worried About Invoice Fraud? Here Are Four Top Tips To Keep Safe

June 13, 2017 posted in Finance, Invoice Fraud, Spend Control, by Simona Pop

Are you worried about invoice fraud? Should you be worried? There are many risks your accounting department can be exposed to so it's essential you understand the dangers.Let's set the scene: a normal day at XYZ...

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Simona Pop

1 Simple Step to Stop Wasting Money in Business

May 16, 2017 posted in Business, by Simona Pop

There is one simple step to stop wasting money in business – setting budgets.

How to Stop Losing Money with Budgets

Setting budgets is the simple way to control spend. They should be reviewed monthly and you can set...

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Simona Pop

Get Business Intelligent

May 12, 2017 posted in B2B, Procurement, by Simona Pop

Business Intelligence (BI) empowers companies to improve their decision making process by accessing and leveraging their data. The latest technologies are all about accessible data control in real time. This allows...

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Simona Pop

You Are Probably Losing Money Right Now

May 09, 2017 posted in B2B, Business, by Simona Pop

Let’s not beat about the bush. You might think you’re smarter than the rest but your business is probably losing money as you are reading this.

Here’s why

Business owners understand the importance of maintaining a...

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