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Blockchains & Procurement

Blockchain tech is the term poised to define our generation. As opposed to Brexit or Trump — which is definitely not a bad thing! But what are blockchains? How do they work, in plain English and zero jargon?

What is it?


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“We Should Talk” — Why Communication in Business is Key

Hey, you know what’s the main thing missing in business relationships? Communication. Yes, that’s right! Honest, plain English (or any other language under the sun), open communication. It’s called a relationship for a reason and it really does. . .

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B2B – Step Up or Shut Up

A lot has been written recently (I might be responsible for 20% of that…) about the discrepancy between B2C and B2B when it comes to how brands communicate. Here’s the thing, B2B brands have been treating their clients like crap

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Customer Success & Ops Manager

Location: London, UK

We’re a fast growing SaaS startup in London, looking for a Customer Success & Ops Manager to join our wondrous team. Real Customer Success comes from understanding your customers and establishing lasting relationships.

You’ll. . .

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Work smarter, live longer


Yep, working smarter can lead to a longer life. I have not conducted an official study on this but I’m pretty sure I’m right. Repetitive, dull, clunky tasks cannot be good for your health.

Getting stuff done and getting it

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