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Protecting Your Business from Invoice Fraud

Our CEO, Lee Pruitt, spoke to Spend Matters about the importance of a real time system of record in identifying invoice fraud red flags, taking the right action and making sure your company money is safe from faudulent activity. Here is the. . .

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Blockchain Will Kill the Invoice


Our InstaSupply Insights are all about our exploration into what's possible, what's evolving and how technology is empowering people to work smarter, achieve better results and create more value.In this video our co-founders, Tim and Lee, chat. . .

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Top Procurement Influencers on Twitter 2017

It's time to get following and get reading. Join our top Twitter procurement influencers in conversation and let's shake things up.

This is our second influencer list and we feel like we've gotten to know so many amazing people along the way .. . .

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The Problem With Startup Spending...


So you raised VC funding and you're ready to grow your big idea into a successful business. But keeping control on your finances is often overlooked when thinking about the vision, the roadmap and the potential. We have seen many startup. . .

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Worried About Invoice Fraud? Here Are Four Top Tips To Keep Safe

Are you worried about invoice fraud? Should you be worried? There are many risks your accounting department can be exposed to so it's essential you understand the dangers.Let's set the scene: a normal day at XYZ Accountancy where invoices arrive. . .

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