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Top 5 Insights On The Future of Procurement From Our #InstasChat


On Thursday, September 15th, #InstasChat made its debut featuring one of the top procurement influencers out there, @aopshow. We focused on the future and discussed technology and changes, trends and challenges in procurement. Here are some of the key insights on the future of procurement from our #InstasChat.

In case you missed it, we aim to make it a regular event on your Twitter feed so keep your eyes peeled on our handle @instasupply.

1. Recognising that procurement does not operate in a silo.

Procurement has had to become more open to external ideas and even started to outsource to specialty 3rd parties to benefit from subject matter expertise not available internally.

2. Traditional procurement skills will become less important as skills evolve and procurement has to be the business of selling change!

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There are 6 types of roles in procurement:

3. For the future, standing still in procurement and not evolving through tech might mean that others make ill informed decisions for procurement.

In today’s dynamic environment, tech has to reach people in other ways aside 60 page white papers.

4. Buying technology needs to be done wisely so that it actually meets the needs of users. Don;t just tick a box!

5. Procurement must align objectives with stakeholders throughout the business. More collaboration coupled with more education should result in long lasting success.

That was it! Let us know what topics you’d like us to tackle, just tweet us using #InstasChat. See you online!

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